How to Scrap Metal from a TV for Copper, Wire and Aluminum!

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  • KennyChumsky Says:

    @ThatIsAthin Thanks for the comment and info. I am not aware that TV circuit boards have gold and silver. I do know that computer motherboards and CPU’s have Gold on them and my scrap yard only pays 25 cents for those boards, but not any other circuit board. I know some places pay $3.00 for the board and CPU, but a cash for gold place is not interested in buying the gold plated pins from a cpu. Check out my video I made called: Gold in computers?!?! Scrapping a Motherboard!

  • ThatIsAthin Says:

    Circuit boards are not trash. They contain silver and if they have connector pins they’re gold plated. You can save them up and sell them to refineries. You should search “computers gold” in youtube and check the videos out.

  • KennyChumsky Says:

    @462ANIMAL LOL

  • eviltrucks101 Says:

    destruction! lol cool i think this is good i might look for em now thanx for info!

  • Begbucks Says:

    @KennyChumsky I know computer scrap boards tend to fetch about $3 lb or so

  • 462ANIMAL Says:

    your hard on TV’S sir!

  • KennyChumsky Says:

    @Begbucks Great info! I’m not sure about the circuit boards. We just take the aluminum and copper from it, but if you find out different please let me know. I’m always about making the biggest bang for our buck =)

  • Begbucks Says:

    0:30 with the cords you can utilize a gram 1Kg scale (about $8 eBay) to more accurately determine the recovery rate of the wire vs the insulation, this is handy when buying wire (ideal in areas where there isn’t a scrap yard so you can get away with less then 1/2 off retail like here on Cape Cod) to strip for maximum profit

    What do you think about the circuit board, theres money in that too, isn’t there?

  • KennyChumsky Says:

    @clubcar98 Unless the wire is thicker then at very least an eighth of an inch its not worth stripping, but yes it is worth more if you strip the thicker cords. If you have as much as you say (I’M NOT ADVISING THIS! LOL) but I have know some people to burn the isolation off. A lot quicker then a week stripping. Personally regular cords I just sell as isolated wire. Thanks for the comments and questions!

  • clubcar98 Says:

    By chance do you ever bother stripping isolation off wires? They pay more when you do I think…

    And I have a TON of cords off of things Ive smashed to scrap, and I can’t find a easier way to strip them than sitting and using a razor blade for like a week to do them all LOL!

  • clubcar98 Says:

    Very nice! Like an assembly line, get them done!

    I am gonna be picking up TV’s from now on. A scrapper down the street picks up TV’s but only cuts the cords and throws the rest out. I guess I will take advantage of that and break them open for scrap…

    Trash picking is awesome, what cant sell you can smash up and have some fun to get the scrap out of it!

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